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Do people actually consider this as funny? This was in Chernobyl and the whole four man crew died in the crash. I wish these people we’re capable of showing some respect.

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while, I will tend to do so in the near future. For the moment I’m posting on http://suomisodassa.tumblr.com/ about Finnish forces, during the wars. 


Graduates of the courses for Red Army commanding officers, Petrograd, 1919.



Red Army men, 1920s.


Asked Anonymous

I wouldn’t say so. Although I feel a lot of sympathy, for the Finnish reds, I wouldn’t have been in either forces sides. Many Finnish Reds we’re approving towards the Soviet Union and I wouldn’t have wanted Finland to join it, when Stalin was in charge.

I don’t believe in any ideologies really. Humans are doomed to repeat the same mistakes they always have. We are just a bunch of mindless fucking apes.

Hero of the Soviet Union, Viktor Vasilevich Talalikhin.

On 6th of August, 1941, during the Battle of Moscow, Talalikhin successfully rammed an enemy Heinkel He 111 bomber plane, with his Polikarpov I-16 figter, after having ran out of ammunition. Talalikhin was first to perform this action, during The Great Patriotic War and the first to perform an aerial ramming, during night time.

Soldiers of the 289th Artillery Regiment.

Soldier of the NKVD, posing with his regiments banner.

Soviet artillery senior lieutenant.